When The Corporate Gifts You Give Change The World.

All For $89 USD Per Box

(Plus Shipping and Any Customized Packaging)


Give The Best Corporate Gift Available This Year.

Saving You Money

Beautifully packaged Gift Box valued at $150-$200, filled to the brim with premium handcrafted items from Artisans in India. Options for both Men and Women that include jewelry, journals, bells, boxes, wallets, puzzles, accessories and more.


Giving Back

$15 of each box purchased will be contributed to ‘Give Back, Improvement Projects’ in YOUR COMPANY name.  Each gift you give will announce to the receiver that you are a company that cares for the greater world, and you will become a part of the Wild and Wise 2018 Good News Campaign as a “Company Who Does Good Things” in 2017.

Keep It Simple

A Gift Your Staff, Colleagues, Vendors and Clients Will Thank You For and Never Forget!  Make “Doing Good” a part of your company culture in the easiest way possible and have your gift list taken care of in one simple step!

Men's Gift Box Options

Men's Box Option- Proposal (1)
Men's Box Option- Proposal

Women's Gift Box Options

Women's Box Options-Proposal
Women's Box Options-Proposal (1)

Customized Boxes For Men & Women

Men's Custom Box


Women's Custom Box


Standard Unisex Box



Still Not Convinced This Is For You?

We know this can be a big decision, so don’t make it alone. Talk to our Founder, Christa or Jamie, our Head of Corporate Sales and let’s walk through it together.

No obligation. No commitment. Let’s just TALK - in a world that doesn’t talk anymore.

Your experience and the experience of those you choose as recipients of your giftboxes are our HIGHEST priority!


Let’s make this the BEST decision you’ve made for your company  this year!

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Learn More About Our Programs

Meet the Artisans

In partnership with world-leading fair trade wholesaler Matr Boomie, we work with a vast network of artisans in about 40 different communities throughout India.

Partners For A Better World

We knew we wanted to offer something new and different.  A corporate gift option unlike anything else on the market today. A gift box that would empower companies, bring staff together, and create CHANGE.


Inspire Real Change

Just by choosing this giftbox as your corporate gift this year YOU are ensuring that REAL change happens! Improved health care, education, work conditions, and more can all happen because of YOU.